Spanish drought now worst for half a century in some gardening areas

The continuing Spanish drought

The amazingly long drought continues. Octanarian villagers can only remember a couple of similar droughts during their lifetimes including in the mid 1950’s when combined with freezing winters both winter and summer crops were lost so to avoid starvation many families emigrated to france for a decade or two, or for life. Without today’s imported and processed foods the same conditions could exist today. Fortunately We are keeping summer crops alive with towns water and fortunately most flowering plants shrubs and trees are now deep rooted.

The Vaughan Town experience

Apologies for being late in writing this months page but I was working as a volunteer , alongside 19 other English speakers from a variety of countries worldwide,  coaching and mentoring the same number of Spaniards to speak English for 84 hours in six days at the 489th Vaughan Town learning experience. If you are interesting in helping Spaniards desperate to speak English well and at the same time visit gardens in Spain before and after the experience, perhaps staying with some of the Spaniards met on the course, search for ‘Vaughan Town on the internet

Preparing to plant and sow autumn and winter crops

In spite of the continuing drought it is time to start to clean up and prepare areas of the vegetable plot, raised beds and containers where summer crops are now over for early autumn sowing or planting with plantlets. The book ‘Growing healthy vegetables in Spain’ gives guidannce regarding crops that are traditionally planted in Spain for autumn, winter and early spring consumption.

Dampening compost heaps

With no rain for over a year in some areas except for a little drizzle many compost heaps will have dried out and the composting process will have stopped. To restart it take of the cover of the compost heap and thoroughly soak the entire contents. Then recover and sealing the heap as well as you can.

Book ‘How to use less water in your garden’

Sales of this book available from Amazon Books and a number of other internet bookshop sites are taking off. The book includes over 300 practical ideas applicable to a wide range of gardens.