Readers reactions to the Handscombe’s Gardening and related Lifestyle Books

‘How to use less water in your garden’ is a fascinating book and so full of practical ideas for anyone gardening in Mediterranean climate situations.

Pamela Steele, Javea

‘Our 52 day retirement adventure along the Spanish Pyrenees’ which stimulated your drive to self sufficiency in food is a great read.I can feel myself wanting to walk along side you as I follow your day by day descriptions of an amazing diversity of experiences and vistas.

‘Authentic Valencian Paellas’ helped me prepare a great paella for the family when they came out for a week. Following your book we understood why so many paellas served up in restaurants are not what they used to be.

Stephen Farmer, Calpe

Sophie Green, Hove

‘Our 52 day retirement adventure along the Spanish Pyrenees’ was difficult to put down. The details of your route, the descriptions of the mountain wilderness that you walked though, how you overcame adversities etc., are fascinating.

Alinka Auñon, La Drova

We purchased the two books ‘Your Garden in Spain’ and ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain’ and are benefiting from them and enjoying them tremendously. We belong to various ecological associations around Barcelona and the books are a godsend. There is no doubt that these books will b e a success because there is a vacuum that needs to be filled. Lots of people in Cataluña are just ready for their wisdom. Hopefully Clodagh and Dick’s books will one day be translated.

Maria Rosa Bordas, Cataluña


We have an allotment in Hove UK and with the hose pipe bans and global warming there are great ideas in ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain’ and ‘Making Waterless Gardens a Practical Reality Worldwide’ for southern England as well as Mediterranean climate situations worldwide.

Sophie Green, Hove

I think your book Your Garden in Spain is brilliant and inspirational.It’s a great book . I had drawn up a plan for the existing garden and now you have helped me do a complete redesign with a plant list in English and Spanish as you include photographs plus Spanish, English and botanical names.

Gaynor Witchard Wales/Majorca

Having purchased Your Garden in Spain we were so thrilled we went and purchased the other two books Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain and Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain. With a 500 square metre bare plot we were out of our depth and looking for inspiration and advice. The books certainly provided this. They are so full of useful tips, advice and colour photographs taken by yourselves. The books are clearly written by people not only passionate about gardening but also experts at gardening in this harsh hot climate that we now call home. We would recommend the books to anyone with a garden, patio or even only a balcony in Spain.

Jenny Tanton Murcia

I have your three books and would just like to complement you on your expertise. I have found no other garden publications that are as good as yours.

Anne Fleming Andalusia

I have lived on the Costa Blanca for nineteen years and have always dabbled a bit in fruit and vegetable growing. Last year my dream came true and we purchased a 5000 square metre finca of land where I can now fulfil my lifetime ambition of growing my own on a larger scale. Your vegetable and fruit growing books came at absolutely the right time. I had been waiting for nineteen years for the kind of information and guidance that the books provide. Thank you so much for having the foresight and patience to compile the books.

Ann Perry Costa Blanca

Your Garden in Spain ‘ From planning to planting and maintenance is the best gardening book we’ve come across ‘ definitely a must have! Incredible, easily understood detail with many attractive illustrations; all in a superb layout. After some years of trial and error, we wish we’d had this from the onset.

Una and Rory Channing Estepona

The new version of Your Garden in Spain is an invaluable aid to both long established gardeners in Spain and newcomers. It creates an invaluable trilogy together with Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain and Growing HealthyVegetables in Spain. Everything you need to know to develop a simple low maintenance garden or a complex holistic garden for self sufficiency.

Ricardo Stanley Spain

We have read your three books . The information in your books is practical with a theoretical base, easy to understand and will for example permit us to create a complete holistic garden complex for self sufficiency. There is advice on coping with climate, tips on water economy and ecology, and as you say strategic advice, routine day to day advice, problem solving and crisis advice. Your publications are an interesting compilation of experiences that should be promoted in educational activities and an extension of your projects.

Sergio Ledezma Slow Food Italy

Having just taken over 12,000 square metres of abandoned overgrown mountainside terraces with many olive cherry and almond trees that need urgent pruning. Luckily we discovered your books. They are great and easy to follow with lots of useful photographs. Thanks.

Laurence Dunn Alicante Spain

Your Garden in Spain is a ‘must have’ for anyone who owns a Spanish property, even if they have only a balcony or small patio as apposed to a garden. Without the clear and concise information and suggestions found within the book it is all too easy to make expensive mistakes when purchasing plants, shrubs and trees etc.. Your Garden in Spain‘ From planning to planting and maintenance could prove to be the best investment you could make ‘ happy gardening in Spain..

Patricia Philson Valencia

During the last few months I have revisited your three books very often to decide how to prune my fruit trees, to know the best times for planting various plants and harvesting produce and how to combat various pests ecologically etc.. The books have become a useful and practical handbook covering all aspects of gardening ‘ flowers, fruit vegetables etc ‘ ecologically and sustainably.

I have leant a lot from them and I really think that they should be translated for those Spaniards who do not understand English. I haven’t found such useful and practical information in the Spanish gardening books and most of the Spanish gardeners and farmers don’t know the basic techniques to grow sustainably.

Jordi Domingo Calabuig

I have just moved to the Canary Islands and have found the book Your Garden in Spain invaluable. I have carried the book around numerous garden centres in order to find the correct plant/tree/flower for my needs. As an expat starting out this book has been a godsend. The general layout is easy to understand and the range of useful information is second to none. The book is a must for all budding gardeners, enthusiasts or the experienced gardener.

G. Howe, Fuerteventura

We can recommend a new book Your Garden in Spain ‘ From planning to planting and maintenance to our members. In it you find the various topics of importance about establishing a garden in our Mediterranean climate, especially useful for gardeners who come from other countries to Spain.

Fundem, Valencia