Our series of lifestyle books

In 2011 Dick Handscombe started to write a series of lifestyle books related to our gardening and good living/life in Spain

To date the books are as follows.

1. Living well from our garden – Mediterranean style  – Amazon Create Space and Kindle 2013.

Describes how our garden evolved over 25 years to gradually make us largely self sufficient in healthy foods. Includes sections on what is wellness, what is good and bad eating, what edibles are the healthiest to grow eat and drink and a novel self audit questionaire designed to help you understand how well you eat and drink.

2. Having a Great Retirement – Amazon Create Space and Kindle 2o13.

Considers what retirement means in the 21st century, typical success factors and what can hinder success, how to plan your retirement taking into account the needs and ambitions of yourself and your spouse, how to manage your relationships, time, health and wealth. Includes a unique personal analysis and planning workbook. An excellent gift for workmates,  friends and family members about to retire or already retired. ret,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

3. Authentic Valencian Paellas – Amazon Create Space and Kindle 2013.

Explores the history of the traditional Valencian chicken rabbit and vegetable paella, when and how it is made and eaten, common problems and how to overcome them,  plus what differentiates it from the numerous other rice dishes found in Valencia and other parts of Spain. A must for anyone interested in Spanish and Mediterranean recipes , cooking and methods of eating. For non meat eaters includes how to produce a genuine vegetable paella.

4. Our 52 day retirement adventure along the Spanish Pyrenees – Amazon Create Space and Kindle 2014

Proving to be a popular read especially in the Kindle format. The trek was along 950 kilometres of paths and tracks interlazing some wonderful mountain valleys and villages where we could clean up and rest after a few days wild wilderness camping.