Gardening in Spain

All about gardening in Spain and growing your own flowers, fruits and vegetables under the Spanish sun.

  By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe Spain’s best known expatriate gardening authors living and gardening in Spain for 25 years Mini gardens are invaluable in Spanish and indeed all Mediterranean gardens Most gardens in Spain, and indeed in all Mediterranean regions of the world, benefit from the garden around the house being designed as a […]

    By Dick and Clodagh Handscombe, Spain’s best known gardening authors   Practical Gardeners new year resolutions Do ensure that 2013 resolutions are practical in terms of being realistic to the size and style of your garden, cost in relation to your gardening budget and within your creative and physical capabilities. For s0me this […]

Hi there fellow gardeners where ever you are, what ever your climate flowering plants and edible crops Happy New Year and have a great gardening year creating exciting gardens of all sizes from estates and parks, gardens and patios and terraces and balc0nies. For those in Spain and other Mediterranean climate situations we look forward […]

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe enjoying their 35th Christmas in Spain Even before having an own property twenty five years ago most Christmases were had with friends living in Spain. And what a joy. A very good chance of fine sunny weather along the Mediterranean climate strip of Spain for a pre-lunch stroll, pre-lunch Christmas […]