Gardening in Spain

All about gardening in Spain and growing your own flowers, fruits and vegetables under the Spanish sun.

Mediteranean gardens need, more than in other areas of the world, need a practical and creative analysisof short and long term lifestyle needs before starting to desgn and debelop a garden in detail. The book ‘Your Garden in Spain – From planning to planting and maintenance was designed to assist you in such a process.

Dry gardening has been the norm Without trying one has had to dry garden during the past two years, at least in Spain, as there have been exceptionally long periods without more than a few drops of rain and then few good showers before the next long run of dry weather. There has been one […]

Attractive autumn gardens With continuing sunny days after some heavy autumn showers, storms in some places, gardens are bright with the colour of autumn flowers and brilliant green deciduous and evergreen leaves. They are a joy to stroll around, work in as some trimming back of rain stimulated growth is needed plus it’s time to […]