Gardening in Spain

All about gardening in Spain and growing your own flowers, fruits and vegetables under the Spanish sun.

Richard Handscombe, born 1937,  who often uses the penname Dick, has now published 21 books including the four published this year, all opf which might be of interest to other Handscombe’s worldwide. Incidently the writer Dick Handscombe’s educational history is Haberdashers Askes, University College London and he worked for a few years as the Industrial […]

Still no real rain for 14 months Many Costa, and slightly inland, gardeners are still waiting for the first hreavy downpour for a year., In many areas the trecord for eighty years is frequentlky quoted. Suspect the situation might reach a hundred year record. Fortunately some gardeners have experienced  long dry spells before and had […]

Gardens in Spain are now hot and dry. In our area a drought since last summer is now the most severe for 80 years.
Our new book ‘How to use less water in the garden – A practical guide to waterwise Mediterranean gardening worldwide’ is timely and includes over 300 practical proven ideas.. Ways of extending small scale vegetable growing in builders buckets and making al fresco cooked meals more varied and exciting are discussed.