Gardening in Spain

All about gardening in Spain and growing your own flowers, fruits and vegetables under the Spanish sun.

Benefits of having a garden in Spain Spain continues to be a great place for having a great garden inspite of climate changes stimulated by the concreting of the Mediterranean coastal strip and the failure of many newcomers to aclimatice to seasonal hot and cold temperatures by maximising the use of airconditioning to be able […]

The vegetable growing fraternity is growing, especially mini growing? Week by week we meet people, expats and Spaniards who have just expanded or are starting to grow a useful selection of vegetables for preparing wonderful salads as well as cooking. Most often they are stimulated by the idea of colourful, multi ¬†ingredient, tasty, high in […]

Year by year expatriates and native inhabitants of Mediterranean countries, not least in Spain, do not maximise the joys of gardening in a hot summer climate. But two valuable new books, published in English and Spanish, are now available to reduce their frustrations, rages hard work and costs.The titles are ‘HOW TO USE LESS WATER IN YOUR GARDEN’ and ‘LIVING WELL FROM OUR GARDEN MEDITERRANEAN STYLE’. Each is easily ordered via Amazon Books.