Costa blanca Walkers Walks cancelled but there’s snow in gardens and on the beach for beach walks.

This week there has been no need to walk with Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers to experience the joy of crunching through as winter wonderland for snow has covered many gardens and then some of the beaches including the popular Javea Arenal, and we are told Denia.

Being on school days few people are seen as children are at school but if it continuous snowmen and women and pets will be seen in gardens, parks and on the front bonnets of cars cruising down from higher inland villages to the coast.

Some plants may have been already lost but move fast to get precious vulneral plants under fleece or into green houses and covered terraces.

Brexit plant moves

Hopefully with the cold mood of brexit negotiators plant colections won’t have to  be moved to UK greenhouses in a few years time. Being 80 in a few weeks time I don’t think I would bother and a Spanish buyer can take advantage of my two green houses.

Sweet potato toastes

Fortunately a couple of days snow and temperatures just under zero do little  damage to overwintering garden vegetables whether in the raised beds  or builders buckets and sweet potatoes are already stored in the cellar, handy for preparing the latest Uk health craze of sweet pootato toastes. Indeed I plan to make one this morning for Breakfast,a new addition to our heathy eating from the garden.



Dick Handscombe