living from the gardenBy Dick Handscombe English but living and gardening in Spain since the 198o’s. With an 80 th birthday in the new year he has now been actively gardening for 75 years and looking for ideas when travelling to over 40 countries for work and pleasure.

With regular contact with a brother living in Australia since 1973 it has been obvious for some time that the gardening environment there and here in Spain in terms of maximum and minimum temperatures and the extent of droughts and exceptional rains and floodings when it does rain.

A few years ago I brain dumpted my experience and creative ideas for continuing to be successful hobby and professional gardeners under the emerging climatic and soil conditions especially in new areas of dense construction and wilderness living in the book illustrated below.

DSCF2639Interestingly gardeners in both countries have been making increasing uses of the Belgium soil improvement product TerraCottem, especially for its moisture  retaing properties useful in planting trees shrubs and smaller plants including vegetables on small and large scale.

Over the past few years we have been experimenting with small scale eco vegetable production in raised beds and builders buckets of various sizes. TerraCttem has been invaluable especially during dry growing seasons.

bucket vegetable growing

Wherever you live the easiest way of sourcing these books is to do a search for Dick Handscombe on your national Amazon Books site. By the way the book is in Spanish as well as in english.


Dick Handscombe