Benefits of having a garden in Spain

Spain continues to be a great place for having a great garden inspite of climate changes stimulated by the concreting of the Mediterranean coastal strip and the failure of many newcomers to aclimatice to seasonal hot and cold temperatures by maximising the use of airconditioning to be able to live in doors at a constant 24 0C to enjoy indoor rather than outdoor activities using inexpensive inexperienced non english  expat gardeners.

With the continued decline in coastal vegetable growing more and more expats are now experimenting with growing eco vegetables on mini and small scales.

Inactivity of blogging on site

The site was originally started up to stimulate the the distribution of our practical ideas from  our garde, allotment/huerto, orchard and olive grove through the selected reproduction of articles originally written for a multitude of hardcopy and internet magazines, and books.

Situation with original books published through Santana books

Our original books were written for publication through Costa BlancaNews and Santana Books. This worked well until Distibution companies and the book publishers went out of business. Now the remnants of book stocks or recycled second hand copies can be ocasionally found on Amazon Books UK.

Situation with books published via Amazon Create Space and Kindle

The later smaller books, now not only gardening focussed but also on lifestyle issues, can be found on a wide network of Amazon National inteernet sites. Christmas best sellers have been the books on cooking excellent paellas, inspite of the recent heavy rains the books on gardening with a reduced need for water, living well from ones garden and the kindle version of the book describing our epic 950 km 52 day wilderness walk along the Spanish Pyrenees from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediteranean beaches.

Accessing our books

The easiest way to search a concise listing of all my books written when working and during retirement is to do a search on an Amazon site for either Dick Handscombe or Richard Handscombe.

New books

A number of new or rewritten books remain in the pipeline hopefully to finally reach the public during 2017, depending on what the run upto and follow up to my 80th birthday in March.

Seasons greetings

May I take this opportunity of wishing all gardeners in Spain an enjoyable year end relaxed social season and the achievent of new highlights during the next year.

Dick Handscombe