Make 2016 the Year of eating well from your garden

The vegetable growing fraternity is growing, especially mini growing?

Week by week we meet people, expats and Spaniards who have just expanded or are starting to grow a useful selection of vegetables for preparing wonderful salads as well as cooking. Most often they are stimulated by the idea of colourful, multi  ingredient, tasty, high in vitamin and mineral salads without one ingredient that has been exposed to organic chemical insecticides, fungicides or weed killers plus the idea that they can be harvested yards from the kitchen door. So why not think about doing likewise as mini rather than large plot or allotment growing is relatively easy for all ages and both villa and apartment dwellers?

What do we mean by mini growing?

We used to grow vast amounts of vegetables for ourselves, neighbours and a Michelin Star restaurant but when we became single families and I approached the eighties the quantities of food required for own eating reduced. Also at the same time the loss of produce through stealing, the amount of weed seeds in the irrigation water, the tainting of our  ecological plants by chemical drifts from nearby allotments, huertos in Spanish, and dramatically rising water costs as many villagers abandoned their century old huertos took the fun out of our endeavours.

So we started growing our household needs on raised beds and in black builders buckets as illustrated in the second photo below. After a little practice this has become very productive and requires little time.

Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

bucket vegetable growingDSCF2853


What do we mean by well?

The most important aspects are ;

  • eating vegetables untainted by the chemicals used by many large scale farmers so that outside leaves and skins can be eaten without reject or even washing, and
  • eating mostly those vegetables that house beneficial vitamins, minerals and fibres.
  • Eating fresh or only cooking by least spoiling methods such as steaming rather than boiling.

Which vegetables can be the most healthy?

Like most people we found it impossible to retain all the information in our head about all the possible flowering and evergreen plants, shrubs and trees for our garden so we wrote books as our memory jogging handbooks. This started with Practical gardening on the Costa, Your Garden in Spain, Growing healthy fruit in Spain, Growing healthy vegetables in Spain and  Apartment gardening Mediterranean style and was then followed up by the inexpensive soft covered book Living well from our garden Mediterranean style. This is a supplement to the other books and includes easy to use tables indicating the wellness benefits of many vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs  and tree leaves.

Does your family need to move down the road of eating well from the garden?

The latter book also includes a self-audit to help you evaluate the present style of eating of yourself and family.

It will not take more than a few minutes to complete and will give an immediate indication of whether home growing of vegetables, fruit, herbs and meats would be of benefit? For me it was my way of avoiding a recurrence of cancer.

How to obtain a copy of the book quickly

Living well from our garden Mediterranean style is easy to obtain via Amazon Books or The Book Depository.