The Spanish Summer tests your gardening skills

Its hot, to say the least.

It is now just a couple of days away from the first of July and temperatures as I write are 37 degrees centigrade in the shade along the coast from Andaluciua to Cataluñia, held down with a gentle breeze. Inland they are a few degrees warmer and in the sun unshaded and unmulched soil is baking hard to be like terracotta with capilliary tubes, through which much valuable moisture evaporate, are forming by the minute.But accepting this major problem is a waste of time and money and practical help is now at hand.

How to use less water in your garden’ – a vital book if you want an easier life

To  help expatriates and Spanish gardeners, plus all those gardening in Mediterranean climate conditions worldwide, we have collated and crystalized our almost  thirty years five years of designing and maintaining gardens in Spain in a new book which is easily and inexpensively available from Amazon Books worldwide. The title and subtitle are as follows.

HOW TO USE LESS WATER IN YOUR GARDEN – A practical guide to waterwise Mediteranean style gardening worldwide’

The ISBN number for buying the English language book from bookshops is 978-1499228601. By popular request the book has been resently translated into Spanish as ‘COMO USAR MENOS AQUA EN TU JARDIN – Una guía para la práctica mundial de la jardinería mediterránea de riego inteligente’. In this case the ISBN is 978-1511809634.

The book starts by outlining the challenge and then considers some three hundred practical ways of actively reducing the water needs of a garden starting from the intial designing of both small and large gardens and chosing plants. Appendices list practical plantings.

Living well from a waterless garden

Using less water does not nean that you cannot live well from the produce of your garden. Well meaning physically, spiritually, gastronomically and economically. Our practical experienced is encapsulated in the books ‘ LIVING WELL FROM OUR GARDEN –  MEDITERANEAN STYLE’ and ‘ VIVIR BIEN DE UN JARDIN ESPAÑOL AL ESTILO MEDITERRÁNEO’. The ISBN numbers of the English and Spanish versions are respectively 978.1484873632 and 978-1502963512.


We hope that these new books help you enjoy your sunny gardening to the full whether still workng or retired.