December frosts are about to start in Spain – start to take care

Temperatures and winds

When I left home this morning for my regular saturday morning walk followed by breakfast with some Spanish friends it was only 4 degrees centigrade with a gusting wind, So I was glad of gloves. On the leaves of some plants the wind factor temperature may have been down to one degree. So be aware and start checking forecast night temperature forecasts every couple of days.

Move tender plants in pots into a conservatory or greenhouse/poytunnel

Now is the time to move tender plants in pots into a conservatory, greenhouse, coldframe, against the inner wall of a  south facing covered terrace or into a temporary winter greenhouse set up by lining a gazebo with a large sheet of plastic as I do.

Fleece up tender plants in the garden

If tender plants are to remain in the garden all wintere start to wrap them up now in anti frost fleece or bubble wrap.

Cut back on the watering and feeding of vegetables

Vegetables that are rarely fed or watered survive frosts better than forced weaker plants.

Start some tree pruning while it is dry

While the weather is still cold but sunny it is a good time to commence the annual pruning of large trees as the boughs willnot be slippery.

Kindle books – buy before a Sales Tax is added 

Note that as from 1 January 2015 sales tax according to the various national rates will be added to the price of digital Kindle books.

Books for Christmas and Three Kings presents

There is still time to buy presents from internet bookshops. Incidently our best sellers during 2014 were Growing healthy vegetables in Spain, Living well from our garden Mediterranean style, Our 52 retirement adventure along the Spanish Pyrenees and Authentic Valencian Paellas.