Richard(Dick) Handscombe published four books in 2014 useful to other Handscombes

Richard Handscombe, born 1937,  who often uses the penname Dick, has now published 21 books including the four published this year, all opf which might be of interest to other Handscombe’s worldwide. Incidently the writer Dick Handscombe’s educational history is Haberdashers Askes, University College London and he worked for a few years as the Industrial Fellow of the European business school. To help link up with old friends Richard (Dick) worked for Handscombe’s Bakeries, ICI, Mars, Bernard Matthews, Urwick Orr, Kepner Tregoe, Richard Handscombe and Partner.

These associations enabled him to work in some 30 countries and holiday in another 10, which allowed him to enrich his experience od gardening and self sufficiency which have always been his favourite hobbies. At no time was he associated with Sheffield University. That was a namesake, another member of the now wide spread family that eminated from the area around the Bedfordshire hamlet of Handscombe End in the C13.

The four latest books are as follows. They are all available from Amazon Books as standard and Kindle books, and often from other internet bookshops.

To help those still working or their children who are.

Auditing and improving companty cultures – A vital need worldwide in the 21st century

To help those gardening at weekends or in retirement

How to use less water in your garden – A practical guide to waterwise Mediterranean gardening worldwide

To help all think about and achieve a healthier lifestyle

Living well from our garden Mediterranean style.

Our 52 day retirement adventure along the Spanish Pyrenees

Happy reading and healkthy lifestyles to you all.