Waterless gardening for real

Still no real rain for 14 months

Many Costa, and slightly inland, gardeners are still waiting for the first hreavy downpour for a year., In many areas the trecord for eighty years is frequentlky quoted. Suspect the situation might reach a hundred year record. Fortunately some gardeners have experienced  long dry spells before and had taken steps to develop waterwqise gardens some years ago. For others tere are some 300 practical tiops and ideas in the book ‘How to use less water in your garden- A practical guide to waterwise Mediterranean style gardening worldwide’. Like all our books it is available from Amazon Books and other internet book shops.

Gardens are brightening up

Fortunately inspite of the drought days are shortening, temperatures are dropping a few degrees and early morning dews are vbecoming heavier. A s a result summer flowering plants are experiencing a new lease of life and the first flowers are opening upon autumn flowering plants and shrubs. By te time we write an October report our garden should be delightfully flowered.

Preparing to plant up trees

Once the autimn rains come it will be a good time to plant up flowering and vfruiting trees unless you are in a frost pocket when it would be best to wait until early spring especially for citrus trees. Also in early spring you will, in many areas, be able to obtain bare rooted fruit trees, normally with their entire root balls intact. Until the rains come at leasy you can mark oiut planting spots and start to dig planting holes  and garher rogether bags of compost and composted manurres. It is also handy to have TerraCottem soil improver handy. Look up their website for full info on the benefits of the product ,dosages and local suppliers. The most economic purchae is a 5 kilo tub.

Getting containers ready for planting and sowing vegetables

More and more expats and spaniards are starting to grow vegetables in order to enjoy daiy fresh ecological produce and a widr a full metreer variety. Many are planning to use bulders buckets or other containers or construct raised beds. If building the latter build them upto 50 t0 80 centimetres high  to reduce the need for bending bending as you age.

Making you non spanish days easier

If you are a part-time visitor and therefore part-time gardener in Spain I have just published a business related book titled ‘Auditing and improving company cultures’ to make your executive life easier. It costs less than five pounds from Amazon Books.

Good topsoil

It becoming more difficult to obtain good top soil but do look arpund and not accept second best as the garden will suffer if you do for many years, both in terms of fertility and perennial weed populations.

Do enjoy the Indian autumn while it lasts.