Spanish May gardens a delight

Weather great, but..

The weather continues to be exceptional along the costas but the once relable early May thunder storms have not appeared in most areas. When breakfasting in the village today after an early walk around the valley an old villager, actually turned out to be six years younger than me, said that in the 50’s and 60’s May was seen as a very wet month with many storms. So it looks like plants will need more watching this year to ensure that they do not suddenly dry out as the water table drops week by week. We cannot repeat too often ‘Plant deep rooted drought resistant plants’ and relax during the summer without spending a fortune on water.

Colour grows daily

Althoughearly spring flowering succulents and bulbs are now past their best new plants perrenials and trees are bursting into bloom almost daily including the great display plants the south afican lillies and day lillies. One of our best trees at present is a justice tree which as a cutting from a neighbour got into our garden twenty years ago and the rose, all raised from cuttings, s could not be better. It is not often seen in Spain, at least in our part of the world, and it would be interesting to know how it arrived from its original homelands of India.

Vegetables taking off

With the warm weather and the help of almost daily watering spring vegetables continue to crop well and summer herbs and vegetables germinate in just a few days especially in closely tended raised beds and containers. Remember that our books ‘Growing healthy vegetables in Spain’ and ‘ Apartment gardening – Mediterranean Style’ each have chapters on growing vegetables in containers in small spaces; even 21 vegetables in three metres of space.

Fruit swelling but need water

Most fruit trees are doing well but with a lower than normal water table need regular watering to stop a fruit fall. They also benifit now from a neem, propolis and nettle cocktail spray.

Our 52 day retirement wilderness peopleless walk across Spain

From the daily sales more gardeners seem to like to have a read in the sun or shade rather than having a break from gardening themselves, for my book ‘Our 52 day retirement walk across the Spanish Pyrenees’ is taking off. Thanks to those who have already purchased it. It is a 300 page book but very inexpensive as a kindle book and not that exoensive as a normal book.


Buying our books

With the major problems with book distribution in Spain since last year it is now easiest to access all lour books via Amazon Books or other internet bookshoip sites.

Living well from your garden

More and more readers are investing in the inexpensive information packed small book ‘Living well from our garden – Mediterranean style. The book is a more about why to do so, the real Mediterranean diet the most beneficial things to grow and harvest etc., rather than how to till the soil etc which is covered by our other books.

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