Lifestyle Mediterranean Gardens

By Dick Handscombe, now a 77 year old holistic gardener and author who started hi sfirst garden 72 years ago and his first retirement garden in Spain 26 years ago.

Individuals and families move to Mediterranean climate  Europe and further a field worldwide for a variety of reasons chacterised  mostly by the generally sunny and warm weather or the night life since Mediterranean climate situations tend to stimulate tourist driven night time activities. Judging by the balance of adverts in coastal newspapers in Spain those that move to Spain to enjoy the day  time weather and the joys of living an outdoor garden driven/enabled  lifestyle could well be in the minority.

But if you moved to the Spanish Mediterranean coastal plain and connected inland valleys  to live a new generally outdoor  lifestyle and enjoy new gardening possibilities the opportunities are great from the point of view of creativity plants and healthy living.

If this is what you want there is only one sensible start point to designing a new, or redesigning an existing, garden. That is to decide on the lifestyle yourself spouse and family want to live in Spain in both the short and longer term and then decide on the style and features required of your garden to enable and support such a lifestyle,

Our book ‘Your garden in Spain -From planning to planting and maintenance’ was designed and written to undertake the necessary analysis and decision making in a practical and product¡ve manner. Indeed we will not coach anyone, friend or stranger, to design and develop their garden until they have read the book, completed the lifestyle needs analysis and identified the essential and desirable features of a garden that would satisfy their essential needs and dreams. We will challenge their ideas and together translate the vision into a practical reality. This has to start with the owner of the property for it is they and not us that will make their life there.

We say no more at this stage as if we do we will be trying to interfere with your initial thoughts and creativity.

If you wish to buy the book ‘Your Garden in Spain’ the most convenient way these days is to do so via Amazon Books. If you do an initial search for Dick Handscombe this book and our latter supporting books will also come up.