Christmas gardens and presents in Spain

First frosts and snow impacts

Few areas of Spain have not experienced rain frosts hail and snow in recent weeks. In general vegetable plantings are not affected and one can make further over wintering vegetable sowings and plantings during the m0nth.  Annuals  tender shrubs and perennials are now dying back but roses are hanging in and good Christmas displays are still possible.

December Mediterranean vegetable plantings.

There is still time in many areas along the Mediterranean coastline and in nearby inland valleys. Try some final onion lettuce and brocolli  plantlets, and broad bean pea and sweet pea seeds for spring flowers.

Spanish and Mediterranean gardening books for Christmas

Handscombe's Gardening Books

The Handscombe’s set of classal Gardening Books















Spanish and Mediterranean lifestyle books for Christmas  stocking fillers

During the past year four smaller  inexpensive books have been launched via Amazon Books.

The titles are  Living well from our garden – Mediterranean styele, Having a great retirement, Making Waterless Gardens and Authentic Valencian Paellas

Spanish adventure book about a 52 day journey that stimulated our self-sufficiency

After many delays due to other priorities a book about a walk we did from the Bay of Biscay along the entire Pyrenean mountain range, which creates the border lands separating  Spain from France, has been published this week.  The  journey took us through uninhabited wilderness lands and almost deserted villages where the survivors lived well from home grown vegetables, fruits and meat, many of which were ecologically grown. With agriculture being fast  abandoned in our home valley near  the Costa Blanca we started, as soon as  we arrived home, to expand what we had been growing. These initiatives led to the books listed above but recently the exciting walk has been written up and published as ‘Adventure along the Spanish Pyrenees‘ in both hard copy and E-book formats on Amazon Books internet book shop.

Accessing all the books

For convenience do an author search for Dick Handscombe on the Amazon Books site as this should bring up descriptions of most , if not all, of the books in one go. If you are interested in autographed books for special presents contact us on to check what we can arrange.

Gardeners contributions to Christmas.

Hopefully many of our readers have developed colourful and productive gardens for the holiday season. We have a fine turkey, chicken and quail eggs, rabbits partridges and pigeons, fruit and herbal liquors, a good selection of vegetables, citrus fruits and nuts, frozen strawberries plus red and black currants and the raisins and sultanas for the Christmas cake and pudding were dried from home grown grapes. If you have not consider whether you could in 2014.

Happy Year End Festivities to all

Gardeners deserve a year end break before starting the winter cutback in January. So do enjoy Christmas, the New Year and the Thee Kings festivities to set you up, without too much extra weight, for winter gardening endeavors.

(c) Dick Handscombe December 2013.