Spanish Gardening Christmas Greetings

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe enjoying their 35th Christmas in Spain

Even before having an own property twenty five years ago most Christmases were had with friends living in Spain. And what a joy. A very good chance of fine sunny weather along the Mediterranean climate strip of Spain for a pre-lunch stroll, pre-lunch Christmas tapas and cava on the terrace before going indoors to the Christmas decorations and turkey lunch, and if today’s weather is like yesterday, Christmas Eve, a siesta in the sun to top up the tan to enter the new year looking fit.

Our home reared turkey has been in the has been in the oven for  several hours and home grown vegetables are in the saucepans waiting to be cooked, while the Christmas pudding is steaming away. The latter also made largely with home grown ingredients as was the cake. With a home dryer sultanas and raisins are easy to make.

Hope your own preparations are also well ahead and a Happy Christmas and New Year to all our readers. Luckily the winter cutback can then start to work off the few extra calories.