Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain

From sprouting seeds to giant pumpkins

Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain Following on from their hugely successful Your Garden in Spain this new book by well-known gardeners, Clodagh and Dick Handscombe, represents another important milestone in gardening literature by being the first book dedicated to the home growing of fresh healthy vegetables by natural, ecological and organic methods in Spain, whether living in an apartment, town house, villa or country finca.

Key items include

  • Why it makes sense to grow and eat your own vegetables
  • Practical guidelines for growing an amazing diversity of vegetables in different locations
  • Dealing with Spain’s widely varying temperatures, poor soils and water shortages
  • Natural, ecological and organic solutions to problems
  • Maximising the use of limited growing areas, starting with just one square metre
  • Expanding to growing vegetables on raised beds, traditional terraces, strip beds within orchards, within cottage style gardens, on traditional vegetable plots and larger allotments or small holdings. Also includes a novel ten-tub system for those with small gardens and shallow soil
  • Encouraging children to become involved and eat more healthy vegetables
  • Seasonal calendar for sowing, feeding, watering, harvesting etc.
  • Suggestions for using and processing seasonal gluts.
  • Comprehensive English – Spanish gardening vocabulary

This hands-on book will appeal to those who have never grown vegetables before as well as those with prior experience and is, indeed, timely as we are all being encouraged to increase our vegetable consumption. Its appeal will also extend beyond the Spanish border on account of the wealth of useful and novel ideas contained within it.

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