A book about Waterless Gardening or Xeriscaping

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Holistic gardeners living in Spain for 21 years and now authors of nine books about Spanish and Mediterranean gardening

Making Waterless Gardening a Practical Reality Worldwide

Yes that is the title of our latest book, or booklet. It is a 40 page book in its printed version and 60 in its Amazon Kindle version. Yes in view of the increasing interest in waterless, zeriscaped dry gardens world wide, especially in the Mediterranean Climate areas,  by both garden owners and those who rent allotments away from the home we have made our practical writings easily and inexpensively available to all. The printed version has a colourful cover which Kindle was not able to cope with but the hundreds of practical ideas within the covers have not changed. The ideas are grouped into numerous Chapters and sub chapters and include ideas to use when designing a garden from scratch, redesigning a garden to  make it more colourful scenic and productive while at the same time using less water.

It might be raining this morning on the Costa Blanca as I write and prepare to give a talk in Javea this afternoon to launch the book officially but until a month ago we had had only two  centimetres of  rain since Easter and next winter and summer could again be a long continuous drought for many gardeners.

At present the book is available from Amazon Kindle, just search the title on the internet and it comes up immediately, or at the ends of talks including at the Homes Gardens and Outdoor Living Show in Estepona in November.

Homes Gardens and Outdoor Living Show Estepona 9/10 November

You will find us on Stand 79 at the show which will be held in the Palacio de Congressos in Estepona from 11.00 to 20.00 hours each day. Dick will  be there throughout both days answering questions, giving talks and autographing books. He hopes to see some visitors to ouR WEBSITE site at the show.

Wild Boar in gardens

During the long dry summer wild boar were a nuisance in Spain in many unfenced, or insufficiently fenced’ gardens. Mostly they were looking for moisture and root vegetables like peanuts and sweet potatoes. Now after they autumn rains they are after tubers of various types including Iris rhysomes and  seed potatoes sown for new potatoes at Christmas.

Many gardeners hear an smell wild boar and see their footprints and diggings but never actually get a good view of a wild boar or even more interesting a family of adult and young pigs. But that is now possible every hour of the day, and it is especially interesting to children.

An enterprising expat in a village near to us set up infrared cameras on his land in the Spring and linked them to a blog that can be seen on the Mangolink.com website.

Just search Mangolink.com that is a website about Valencia Province, then click BLOGS, then WILDLIFE, then WILDBOAR to watch a series of extracts from each month and often in real time.