Handscombe’s Spanish gardening books now at the Royal Horticultural Society

Within a Christmas card we received a photograph from UK friends showing a good display of our three latest Spanish gardening books in the Royal Horticultural Society bookshop at Wisley gardens in Surrey.

  • Your Garden in Spain – From planning to planting and maintenance – 978 –84 –89954-670
  • Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain – From strawberries to oranges and water melons, ISBN 978-84-89954-62-5
  • Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain – From sprouting seeds to giant pumpkins, ISBN 978-84-89954-53-3

Naturally we were delighted and have since been advised that the books can be obtained from RHS by:

  1. Visiting the bookshop at the RHS Wisley Gardens.
  2. By telephoning the mail order department – 0845-260-4505 from the UK or 0044-1483-211320 from overseas.
  3. Via the RHS online mail order website <

As many purchasers have found the books relate to gardening in inland Spain as well as on the Mediterranean Coast and are indeed of benefit to anyone living or considering purchasing a property anywhere in the world with a Mediterranean type climate.