Happy New Year to Spanish and other Mediterranean gardeners

Good start to the year

Luckily the gardening year has opened with wonderful sunny warm and almost windless weather here in Spain.

Just right for weeding vegetable plots and containers, winter pruning of fruit trees and planting new deciduous trees, and making a prompt start to the annual winter cutback and clean up.

Thanks to readers

A special new year thanks to all our readers, the purchasers of books and the senders in of personal problems –  which inmost cases we have been able to solve quickly.

For those readers whom we have coached, face to face or long distance, we hope that the garden designs and plantings progressed together are working out well.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead let’s hope that record breaking frosts like those of 2005 don’t return. However it does look as if continuing economies are going to require that we gardeners are going to have to be even more sure about our plant and garden product purchases and uses. One thing that appears positive is that garden centres spoken to in recent weeks realise that they need to hold or reduce prices to maintain long standing relationships with past customers.

Bearing the above in mind our first January article will be about ‘Gardening economies’.

Best wishes to all for interesting, inspiring, colourful,perfumed, healthy and productive gardens during 2012.

Clodagh and  Dick Handscombe 1st January 2012.