Seasonal Christmas, New Year and Los Reyes best wishes to our many garden friends in Spain and other Mediterranean countries

Phew how fast each gardening year goes round. Not just completing the round of annual repetitive jobs that keep a garden continuously flowering and productive but also completing the new projects decided on as New Year resolutions to improve the beauty of the garden while at the same time reducing  its maintenance needs,  and completing twelve months of writings to introduce and supplement our books. And of course we self published a new small but important book ‘Living Well from Our Mediterranean Garden during 2011.

Like many with holistic gardens Christmas dinner will be from the garden including vegetables, fruits, dried fruits in the Christmas cake, culinary herbs, turkey, herbal liquors, olive oil etc.. With reducing value pensions and earned incomes, the need for Economic Gardening will become even more vital for us and many readers during 2012. No one predict next year’s weather pattern accurately nor the future pattern of exchange rates, bank rates, the euro and garden centre prices.

But luckily gardening is a relaxing and satisfying activity to help one weather external economic and political storms.

Dear readers worldwide, all our best seasonal wishes to you wherever you garden, and happy and successful gardening in 2012.