October a busy month for Spanish and other Mediterranean Gardeners

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Holistic gardeners, authors and broadcasters living in Spain for 25 years.

Mediterranean Garden Society activities and membership

During the past month Dick has taken part in a trip organised by the Costa Blanca branch, given a talk to the Cataluña branch, had an article on mulching published in the quarterly members magazine and attended the MGS annual tour and AGM in Mallorca. He finds it an interesting and useful organisation to join. There are some 1500 members gardening in the various countries of the world with a Mediterranean type climate. Members include new gardeners with little experience to date of Mediterranean gardening, experienced gardeners, plant hunters, owners of garden centres and garden designers etc. For more information about the objectives, services and branches of MGS search  ‘Mediterranean Garden Society’ on the internet.

Our books can now be purchased directly from this site

It is now possible to purchase autographed copies of our five latest gardening books directly from this  Gardening in Spain site. They are being found to be of great interest and use to both new and experienced gardeners, not only in Spain but in the several other countries around the Mediterranean Sea and those further afield that have a Mediterranean type climate.

Reaction to ‘Living well from Our Mediterranean Garden’ by Dick Handscombe

Thanks to the early readers of our new book for your positive comments during the first three weeks since its publication. It was especially gratifying that a retired Medical Doctor commented that he wished he had had the practical information within its covers when he was in practice. Do tell your friends about it.  Until Christmas there is an offer of a free copy when you purchase a copy of Your Garden in Spain,  Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style, Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain and Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain from this website.

Perfect germination and planting weather

The warm weather since the beginning of the month has been ideal for germination and stimulating the rooting of roots on cuttings and our new collection of thirteen different varieties of mint purchased via www.dolcarevolucio.cat together with sugar alternative stevia plants have grown well while we were away.  Most of our autumn plantings will now be completed by the end of the month.

Some other October jobs

  • Prune roses to stimulate further flowering including at Christmas we  hope. When planting Garlic cloves on the vegetable plot or in pots for young green garlic for salads and omelettes plant a couple under each rose bush to keep aphids at bay.
  • Once there has been rain prepare 50cm by 50 cm planting holes with improved earth ready to plant deciduous fruit trees in November.
  • Take cuttings of shrubs and perennials for over winter propagating .
  • Clean out summer annuals and replace with over wintering plants such as violas, pansies, cyclamens, kalanchoas, herbs, heathers etc..
  • Plant some more spring bulbs.
  • Plant peas, broad beans, onions and garlic.
  • On a wet day study the gardening vocabularies included at the back of each book to make it easier to shop at garden centres, agricultural cooperatives and horticultural shops.

Each of our books include calendars listing seasonal jobs.

Monthly article

By popular request the October article on this site will be about patio and courtyard gardens. It will be posted in the next few days.

Autumn talks by Clodagh or Dick Handscombe

October 8th Mediterranean Garden Society Cataluña branch

October 27th U3A Gardening Group, Javea

November  3rd  Oasis Gardening Club, Rugat

November 11th   Monte Pego Social Club, Pego

November 17th Parcent Gardening Group, Parcent


(c) Clodagh and Dick Handscombe October 2011.