Living Well from Our Mediterranean Garden

By Dick Handscombe, Practical holistic gardener, author and broadcaster living in Spain for 25 years.

Thriving for wellness from Mediterranean gardens

Over the past twenty five years we have strived continuously to increase the wellness benefits of our garden and those of friends and clients. Wellness in terms of four things – spiritual and mental wellbeing, sustained good physical health, gastronomic satisfaction and economic wellbeing.

Having given a number of talks and written a number of articles on the issue I have decided to self publish a new book to share the health challenges faced when first starting to garden in Spain and the way the development of our garden enabled them to be overcome. Especially in achieving a chemical free Mediterranean Diet largely from beneficial vitamin and mineral rich vegetables, fruits and nuts, herbs, flowers, leaves and meats grown in our garden.

‘Living Well from Our Mediterranean Garden’ ISBN 978-84-615-3825-6

The above is the title of a unique new book. It is only forty pages but is packed with useful information and ideas that will be of interest wherever you live and garden in a Mediterranean Style Garden from Spain to Greece, Florida to Chile and South Africa to Australia. Looks at the wellness aspects , and the potential benefits of taking them into account, in developing and maintaining a Mediterranean garden. Adds a totally new dimension as to how many gardens and plants are viewed.

Contents of Living Well from Our Mediterranean Garden

Living well from our Mediterranean garden

Living well from our Mediterranean garden

Acknowledgements and Dedications

Authors’ introduction

1. What is meant by well?

2. A wellness garden environment.

3. Some personal thoughts on eating well

3.1 Only you can establish good health.

3.2 Dimensions of good and poor eating.

3.3 Holistic healthy Mediterranean diets

3.4 Some typical eating objectives.

3.5 Typical side effects of poor eating.

3.6 Risks to availability of affordable healthy local food

4. Achieving self sufficiency in wellness foods.

4.1 What do we need from what we eat and drink?

4.2 What have we done?

4.3 Growing and harvesting fruit and nuts.

4.4 Growing and harvesting vegetables.

4.5 Garlic our healthiest vegetable or herb.

4.6 Growing and harvesting herbs.

4.7 Growing and harvesting edible flowers.

4.8 Growing and harvesting healthy leaves.

4.9 Growing and harvesting healthy meats.

4.10 Some other wellness things from the garden.

5 . Holistic gastronomy .

5.1 Gastronomy versus gluttony .

5.2 The dimensions of holistic gastronomy.

5.3 Where do you stand today?

6. What have been our benefits?

7. The way ahead. What should I do?

Appendix 1 The Tibetan detox programme

Appendix 2 Some other books you may find useful

Appendix 3 List of books by author

About the author

Obtaining the book

The book is priced at 3.o0 Euros and can be obtained direct from the author at 5 euros including postage within Spain ( 9 euros for UK and rest of Europe) or emailing us on asking for more information.

It is likely to be available from Amazon shortly.