Spanish gardens in August


August opened with mixed and cooler weather than normal . But Juky had been the coolest since 1993. Perhaps the cloud cover affected by solar cycles plus the dust from wars,tornados, and volcanic eruptions. Now we ned to see whether there is the first summer storm of the year at the mid August full moon. Just about the time of the annual fiestas in the village.

Apartment gardening

Sales of ‘Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’ have picked up this summer and we see signs if more apartment owners seeing the benefit of maximising the use of valuable areas of terraces and balconies with productive herbs, veggies and fruit as well as flowering plants. In that book we emphasised the benefit of installing blinds and awnings to provide shade from the hottest suns for people, pets and plants. If you have an ae practical ideas in the book.

Drying summer produce

Our  Stockli air drier is now active most nights. This week in sequence – stevia, mint, tomatoes and raspberries. Being in Valencia province we don’t get the plus 40 temperatures and dry nights of some parts of Andalucia so the tray dryer is an excellent alternative. If you want more information contact <> and ask for our English translation of their product data sheet.

Veggie gluts

If you are growing veggies no doubt you might be producing more produce than you can consume. There are several solutions. Barter with neighbours or a local Michelin starred restaurant or dry, freeze, bottle, pickle or make jam and chutneys according to what you have extra of.


As with veggies extra crops can be processed for winter use.

Autumn talks

For future diaries you will find us giving talks/question and answer sessions at the following venues.

24/25 September  Parcent in Alicate province Autumn Fair – Talks in English and Spanish re ‘Living well from your Garden’ and a ‘Question and Answer session’ with launch of our next book.

8th October Autumn meeting of the Cataluña branch of the Mediterranean Society on the Costa Brava. Similar sessions to those at the Parcent Fair

Any other gardening oir social clubs interested in autumn or winter talks in Spain, Portugal or England should contact us soon.

Mediterranean Gardening Society AGM Mallorca

Look forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts for Mediterranean gardens at this event from 13th to 20th October.

Growing veggies in Spain

Although it is still hot now is the time to start thinking of growing autumn, Christmas and winter vegetables in the garden, in orchards between rows of fruit trees and in containers on apartment terraces and balconies. Our popular book ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain’ will put you quickly on the right path.Unlike England the Spanish autumn is a second spring.

Spanish gardens in New York

Have just discovered that the New York Botanical Garden has a display Spanish Paradise – Gardens of the Ahambra and also related food and music etc until the 21st August. Can’t make it myself but would love a short report if you do.

Seems like the page is full. So I close by wishing you a great summer gardening adventure during August.