Spanish Gardening Vocabulary

When we first came to Spain there we were many fewer resident or holiday making expatriates and therefore very few Spaniards who spoke a word of English especially in the quieter resorts and inland valleys. So going out to purchase garden tools, materials and plants required one to take a check list of Spanish words dug out of the dictionary before going on a shopping trip. Likewise a list of words was required to talk to neighbours and gardeners one passed along the roads about there gardens.

So over the years we a developed a long list of useful words which we gradually knocked into shape as a vocabulary that could be included in our books and be easily carried around and referred to. Our new trilogy of books published by Santana Books now include what we think will be helpful to expatriate gardeners when:

  1. Purchasing plants and other things in a garden centre, horticulture shop or agricultural cooperative.
  2. Talking to a gardener.
  3. Sharing gardening ideas with Spanish neighbours.
  4. Requesting information about gardens and crops from local Spaniards.

In ‘Your garden in Spain – From planning to planting and maintenance’, Growing healthy fruit in Spain’ and ‘Growing healthy vegetables in Spain’ you will find the English and Spanish words for the following.

  • Gardening materials.
  • Gardening Measurements.
  • Gardening tools.
  • Parts of plants.
  • Types of plants.
  • Other useful gardening nouns.

Some 400 of the most popular and easily grown plants of Spain.*

Some 70 of the fruits and fruit trees grown in Spain.**

Some 100 of the vegetables most popular and easily grown in Spain.

130 gardening verbs.

80 gardening adjectives.***

Notes about Spanish Gardening Vocabulary:

*Also includes the botanical names, includes a starter list of 30 vegetables and 24 fruiting trees and plants.

** Also includes botanical names.

*** The adjectives are not included in ‘your garden in Spain’.

We hope that these vocabularies help make shopping etc. easier and accelerate your learning of useful Spanish.