Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style – Terraces, balconies and windowsills

Apartment Gardening

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe, Practical gardeners, authors and broadcasters living in Spain for 25 years .

What’s in Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style – Terraces, balconies and windowsills?

Last time we promised to tell you something about the content of our latest book :

For our fourteenth and perhaps last book – seven of them focussed on Spanish and Mediterranean gardening – we set out to produce as comprehensive a book as possible within a 200 pagination target. We believe we managed this and by using part page practical coloured photographs, rather than fewer full page scenic photographs, it has been possible to illustrate many important ideas and points of advice.

The book is in twelve parts . The main emphasis of each part is as follows.

Part 1 – An overview of the amazing extent of the opportunities and benefits of making the best use of the terraces, balconies and windowsills you have and how to overcome common potential problems.

Part 2 – Explains with numerous photographed examples what can be done to make the brighten up balconies and window sills.

Part 3 – Explores and again illustrates with practical photographs what can be done to make terraces of all sizes from 4 to 400 square metres both attractive and productive living spaces. Includes our concept for a dream penthouse terrace.

Part 4 – Explains what plants are most suitable for full sun, semi-shaded and shady situations and how best to mix the colours and display them. Includes important indications of drought, frost and salt tolerance. Also explains how to grow and multiply them from seeds and cuttings.

Part 5 – A comprehensive explanation of how apartment plants can be best purchased, planted and cared for. Includes practical guides to composts, watering, feeding, preventing and dealing with pests and diseases etc..

Part 6 – Presents an A to Z of 26 types of containers that can be used on terraces, balconies and window sills for growing flowing and evergreen plants and trees, herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Part 7 – Is a practical guide to what herbs to grow, how to grow and harvest them and how to use them for culinary and wellness purposes .

Part 8 – Describes the opportunities for growing a wide range of healthy fruit in small spaces from strawberries on a windowsill to a ten fruit orchard on a six square metre terrace on both semi tropical southern coasts and a more temperate inland and northerly situations. Selected ideas from our best selling book ‘ Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain’.

Part 9 – Describes the opportunities for growing some fifty vegetables on micro, mini and small scales from a single tomato plant, wild mushrooms and sprouted seeds to a productive two square metre terrace allotment using a variety of handy containers or four square metre or larger ten tub or growing table based allotment in the sky.

Part 10 – Describes practical ways of preventing , recognising and dealing with plant problems ecologically to ensure that you and neighbours have unpolluted living space.

Part 11 – Seasonal calendars of essential tasks related to flowering evergreen and herb plants, fruit, vegetables and special projects.

Part 12 – A useful plant list, vocabulary and index.

In total an information packed 216 page practical gem at 5 euros in retail price maintenance Spain. Available from book shops and on  internet bookshop sites such as Amazon and Santana Books as well as direct from the author via gardeninginspain@hotmail.com.