Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style

Gardening on Terraces, balconies and windowsills

The new book for transforming your apartments written by Clodagh and Dick Handscombe who have lived and gardened in Spain for twenty five years.

Update and apology

Three things have happened since we announced our new book last month. Firstly the publisher made a last minute tweak to the title. It is now published as ‘ Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’ and not as mentioned last month as ‘ Mediterranean Apartment Gardening’.

Secondly the front page was changed and a printers slot missed . But the book will now be in our hands in the middle of the month. Thanks for being patient and thanks to those that have ordered the book prepublication on www.santanabooks.com or by telephone on 0034 – 952-485838. This can still be done. And by the way the price in Spain is 14.90 euros for the 216 page book full of colourful illustrations as well as practical advice and creative ideas. We had great fun searching out and trying out basic and novel ideas for terraces, balconies and windowsills.

The Front Cover

Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style

Introduction to ‘Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’

There is no better way to introduce the book than by reproducing the introduction from the book itself.

‘Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’ is written as a complete guide to gardening on terraces, balconies, and windowsills in small and large apartments located on the Mediterranean coast or inland. It is designed to help full and part time residents to make them more colourful, productive and liveable. The scope for improvements is enormous.

There are millions of people living in apartments in Spain and other Mediterranean climate locations worldwide. Yet when one looks at apartment buildings in many areas only some ten to fifteen percent of their terraces balconies and windowsills show signs of plants or of being regularly used as attractive and productive outdoor living spaces. The best incorporate facilities for enjoying the sun and alfresco eating and drinking, with the growing of flowering and evergreen plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables. All of which can be easily grown with the help of modern day containers and composts provided plants sensible for the microclimate of your location are selected. In some respects growing things as an apartment owner is easier and less time consuming than for the owner of a villa surrounded by a sizeable plot of poor soil and can certainly be as satisfying.

Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style presents practical ideas guidelines and solutions to the problems related to merely adding a few containers of flowering plants and a lemon tree and to setting out to design develop and maintain a fully fledged terrace garden and living space. A personal style Garden of Eden or Shangri-La in the skies. The book is intensively illustrated to provide insights into good and not so good practices and to stimulate your creativity and originality. For in practice no two people have the same vision of how they want to spend their time on the Med; the role their apartment terraces balconies and smaller window sills could play in making the best of that time; and the style of plants and containers they would like to have.

Both experienced and novice gardeners will find the book of interest. For the latter we include basic gardening good practices and skills.

We hope that you will enjoy using the book as a comprehensive handbook to guide and support you in the coming months and years as have the sister books Your Garden in Spain, Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain and Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain written primarily for owners of houses.

The next article

We will next give you more information re the chapter by chapter content of the book. At this moment we need to chase off to give an Easter Monday talk to the Moraiara and Teulada U3A general meeting. Yes missing valuable time in the garden, but at times that’s an authors lot!

© Clodagh and Dick Handscombe April 2010.