Christmas Best Wishes

Christmas Best Wishes to the World’s Mediterranean Climate Gardeners

Seasonal greetings to all the visitors to our website , those gardeners that have sent in questions and congratulations on our books – always gratifying, those whom we have met at the years talks and charity day stalls, the readers of our books and newspaper and magazine articles and the listeners to our Trust Radio fm gardening spot from countries around the world. It’s a fair sized informal family of experienced and beginner gardeners toiling away in villa gardens and on apartment terraces.

Whether new contacts or ones renewed with persons we had lost touch with up to thirty years ago – we wish you all a very happy Christmas, New year and Three Kings – very important here in Spain- and a successful years gardening in 2010.

Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Holistic and Slow gardeners resident in Spain, gardening broadcasters and lecturers and authors of

  • Your Garden in Spain,
  • Growing healthy Fruit in Spain and
  • Growing healthy vegetables in Spain

Published by Santana Books, Mijas Pueblo, Spain.