Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain

Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain by Clodagh and Richard HandscombeThis book is the third in the trilogy of books written by Clodagh and Dick Handscombe for Santana Books. It is another important milestone in gardening literature by being the first book dedicated to the home growing of fruit in Spain by natural, ecological and organic methods to ensure that healthy fruit untainted by residual chemical sprays is produced, whether grown in containers on the terraces of apartments or penthouses, or in the gardens of town houses, villas and country fincas.

Key items in Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain include

  • Why it makes sense to grow and eat you own fruit and vegetables
  • Practical guidelines for growing some seventy tropical fruits, sub-tropical fruits and temperate fruits regularly grown in gardens and on terraces in Spain
  • Guidelines for selecting the fruits most appropriate to a wide range of situations in Spain
  • Dealing with Spain’s wide ranging temperatures, poor soils and water shortages
  • Natural, ecological and organic solutions to insect and fungal problems when growing fruit in Spain
  • Maximising the use of limited growing areas, starting with just one square metre
  • How to cope with a large orchard of healthy or initially unhealthy trees
  • Seasonal calendar for planting, pruning, spraying, feeding and watering in Spain
  • Encouraging children to be involved and eat more fresh fruit
  • Comprehensive English – Spanish vocabulary

This practical hands – on book is essential reading for anyone purchasing or owning a property in Spain whether inheriting or planning to plant fruit trees, bushes or plants of any type. The comprehensive advice will be welcomed by the experienced as well as the beginner gardener especially as we are all being encouraged to eat more freshly harvested fruit raw or cooked. As well as within Spain the wealth of useful and novel ideas will appeal to gardeners in other countries with a Mediterranean type climate and the UK with it’s warming summers.