Gardening Books for Portugal

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe practical gardeners authors and broadcasters on the Iberian Peninsula for twenty five years.

Portugal and Spain have common gardening challenges

When still working Lisbon used to be a great stopover for international consultancy projects using flights such as South African Airways and Air Portuguese with links from London. It was the gateway for early insights to Portuguese gardening as well as further a field to related Mediterranean and subtropical climate situations. Later working and then living in Spain one realised that the gardening challenges of different soils, plants, locals climates, mild winters on the Algarve coast and colder inland climes were very much the same in both Portugal and Spain. When we started writing gardening books for Spain we hoped that they would find themselves to Portugal which has now happened.

New gardening books for international gardeners in Portugal

Enquiries following an article titled ‘ Living well from your garden and apartment terrace‘ in the June edition of the Algarve based magazine ‘GoodLife’ published monthly by Vista Iberica has prompted the well known and established Griffin Bookshop in Almancil on the Algarve to stock and sell in their shop and via their internet bookshop the trilogy of books titled :

  • Your Garden in Spain – From planning to planting and maintenance’
  • ‘Growing healthy fruits in Spain – From strawberries to oranges and water melons’
  • ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain – From sprouting seeds to giant pumpkins’ .

The books are published by Santana Books based in Andalusia Spain and descriptions of the books will be found by clicking ‘Our books’ on this site. Gardeners in Portugal will certainly find them useful whether permanently resident or only living in their Portuguese property for part of the year.

The Griffin Bookshop will be found at Rua 5 de Outubro 206A, Almancil , Algarve.

Their telephone number is 00351 289 393904, email address and the website is

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