Your Garden in Spain

Your Garden in SpainYour Garden in Spain was written by well known gardeners Clodagh and Dick Handscombe to help you design and develop a garden in Spain that allows you to enjoy the Spanish climate to the full, and have an enviable outdoor lifestyle whether living in an apartment, town house, villa, mobile home, finca or country estate.

This new edition has been adapted from the authors’ highly successful book with the same title published in 2005.

The authors have forty years combined experience of gardening on the coastal plain as well as inland and have travelled extensively through Spain, often on foot, to better understand the seasonal differences and special challenges of the hottest and coldest regions of mainland Spain and the Spanish islands. The many practical, often creative, ideas and photographs included within this comprehensive book will be useful to both resident and absentee property owners whether keen gardeners or intending to hire a gardener.

Key items in Your Garden in Spain include

  • Down to earth practical guidelines for designing, constructing and caring for both new and existing gardens that match the owners planned lifestyle and budget
  • Creative ideas for establishing gardens in a wide variety of situations that are colourful, perfumed, interesting and productive in terms of flowers, fruit and vegetables 365 days a year, or more basic gardens for the largely non resident gardener visiting just for holidays
  • Guidelines for the design and care of gardens for properties that are to be let
  • Coping with the extremes of the Spanish climate and often poor soils
  • Detailed tabular descriptions and photographs of 350 native and naturalised plants which are most likely to survive in typical gardens. Botanical. English and Spanish names are given to help you select and locate the plants in garden centres. The tables are followed by guidelines for selecting, planting and caring for the plants throughout the year.
  • Also details of some of the vegetables and fruit typically grown in Spanish gardens season by season and how to grow them
  • Practical ideas for reducing maintenance and watering needs
  • Guidelines for selecting and managing gardeners
  • Useful English – Spanish vocabulary

This hands-on comprehensive book by practical gardeners living in Spain for more than twenty years transcends earlier books written on gardening in Spain. It is a book for the 21 st century and will appeal to anyone living in a Mediterranean climate area worldwide or in the areas of the UK experiencing hotter and drier summers.