STOP PRESS!! Special Offer

Special Spring offer on our Spanish/Mediterranean gardening books

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe, active self sufficient gardeners authors and broadcasters living in Spain for almost twenty five years.

The offer

Our publishers Santana Books have just informed us that they are offering a generous Spring discount for the next six weeks to anyone purchasing our trilogy of books namely Your Garden in Spain –From planning to planting and maintenance’, Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain and Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain. If you purchase the three books by mail order through Santana’s online book store <> , by telephone on 952 485838 or fax on 952 485367 you can buy the three books for a total of only 40 euros compared with the normal cost of 53.70 euros.

The Handscombes and their books

By chance the Spring offer coincides with Dick’s 72nd birthday and his having had his own flower, vegetable and fruit garden for 65 years. The first ecological mini garden soon led to gardening and cooking Scout badges. It’s interesting to remember that in war time years in Harrow West London and at his grandparents large garden on the Herfordshire/Bedfordshire border not many kilometres from the hamlet of Handscombe End it was normal to garden ecologically for today’s armoury of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides were not widely available.

And today many expatriate and Spanish gardeners are going back to ecological ways as the EU places more and more restrictions on chemical products to reduce the extent of chemical contaminations of flowers, fruits, vegetables and meats and to improver the health of gardeners and agricultural workers. This is why the three books give ecological solutions to the problems you are likely to encounter in Spain and in other Mediterranean situations.

By the way Dick’s gardening blood goes back a long way. The first recorded Richard Handscombe was husbanding a plot of land at Handscombe End in 1222 the land having been allotted on his retirement from the occupying Norman garrison.

Not many years ago he met a fellow Richard Handscombe in the USA . Also an enthusiast he was a direct descendent of the first Handscombe who arrived in America in 1629 from the Handscombe End area to take on a plot of land in the puritan settlement of Salem.

But that’s enough history. We should rather give you time to order our books while the generous offer lasts.

© Clodagh and Dick Handscombe March 2009.