Gardening in Spain & Other Mediterranean Situations

Up to date practical advice by Clodagh and Dick Handscombe active gardeners and gardening authors living in Spain for 25 years.

Handscombe's Gardening Books

Some of the Handscombe's Gardening Books

We garden Spain and share our experiences and ideas

Through our b0oks articles talks and personal information and coaching sessions we provide up to date comprehensive gardening advice for both resident and holiday home owners of properties in Spain whether owning a house, villa, town house, finca , penthouse or apartment.. The articles and books referred to  have been written by us, Clodagh and Dick Handscombe. We are active gardeners, gardening authors speakers and sometimes broadcasters who have lived in Spain, both on the Mediterranean coastal plain and inland  for twenty five years. See About Us for more background information.

Our Spanish and Mediterranean related Gardening Books

We have now written nine books on gardening in Spain and other Mediterranean climate situations. as well as more than five hundred articles in English language newspapers and magazines in Spain as well as for a number of magazines in England Portugal and Ireland. All have been written to share our practical ideas and experience , often learned the hard way in the early years, to help you avoid similar mistakes.

Four of our latest six books are published by Santana Books but the latest two are self published They are:

The above  books will give you all you need to know to plan, plant up and maintain colourful, perfumed productive gardens in a wide range of locations within mainland Spain and the islands.

They provide :

  • Strategic advice about the design, construction and planting up a new or redesigning an existing garden or apartment terrace with special attention to ensuring your garden and terraces match and facilitate the lifestyle that you came to Spain for, which for most is a very much more outdoor lifestyle than in the UK.
  • Routine day to day advice about the initial planting and ongoing care of plants, watering and feeding of plants, and general maintenance of the garden including the important winter cutback and cleanup.
  • Problem solving advice to help you quickly determine the cause of problems that occur such as plants become attacked by insects and fungal diseases and decide on the most appropriate corrective actions. Where possible ecological and organic solutions are given.
  • Crisis advice about disaster situations such as the record breaking frosts of the spring of 2005, water restrictions and saline soils.

How to Buy Our Books

In Spain

The books can  be obtained from bookshops especially the Bookworld chain if in Spain. However for your convenience, especially if living some distance from a bookstore, we are setting up a direct link to Amazon. You will  then be able to just go to Our Gardening Books, click the title you are interested in and then follow the instructions . You can also buy from the BOOK SECTION on the site which is a major site re Valencia Communidad..


Many international websites stock our books. These include Amazon UK  , The Royal Horticultural Society, and Angloinfo the worldwide info site. In the latter case there is an interesting and direct route to each book on the Amazon shop.
Just open up Angloinfo, click on Spain, Click on National Blogs, Click on Gardening in Spain, Click on about us and then just click on each title for entry to the Amazon Shop. En route you can gain uptodate insights about gardening in Spain and Spain in general, plus other anglophone countries.

Our Spanish Gardening Articles

Our articles on Gardening and Growing in Spain and other Mediterranean situations cover a wide range of strategic, day to day, problem solving and crisis issues related to the growing of flowering plants, fruit and vegetables plus the concept of a holistic garden including the keeping of livestock to achieve a high degree of self sufficiency in home grown healthy ecologically grown and reared food. They also include articles related to the use of gluts and Slow Food. They are intended to supplement our books and help you make the best of your time in Spain whether resident or just using your Spanish property for holidays.

Beyond our web pages our articles have appeared in a wide range of English language newspapers and magazines in Spain, the UK, Ireland and Greece including Euro Weekly News, Round Town News, Costa Blanca News, Costa de Sol News, Costa Levante News, Think Spain Today, The Mediterranean Garden Society Magazine, The New Entertainer, Inland Trader, The Voice Murcia, Viva, Costa Blanca life, Views, The Broadsheet, Buscalo, The Inland Magazine, North2South, The Bookworld España quarterly catalogues, The Spanish Magazine, Homes and Gardens Spain, The Smallholder,  Organic Gardening, The Allotment Association and Vegetable Growing Society websites, The Irish Gardening Magazine, Senior Times, Almeria Messenger  and the Heritage Bulb Society Newsletter, GoCatalunya, The Jungle Drums , Discovery, the What Doctors Don’ Tell You (wddty)website  and Angloinfo Spain.

Writing keeps Dick’s brain active now that he is 75 years of age! He had his first garden at the age of five.